Meet Halle

Halle Simpson


Halle has worked with leaders, entrepreneurs and all around busy people for 20 years helping them to live and work more effectively, efficiently and, most importantly, happily.

During summers through college, Halle worked as an independent contractor selling kitchen cutlery.  Yes, she had “that job”!  At 20, her work ethic and leadership abilities earned the opportunity to open an office where she recruited and trained a sales force of 50 peers.  This experience sparked her fascination with the entrepreneurial mindset, individual achievement and began her own self-improvement journey. 

After graduating from Indiana University with a degree in Biology, she began a three year stint of job-hopping through the corporate world.  Realizing this wouldn’t look good on a resume, she settled into another independent sales & leadership role, rising to the top 2% of a multi-billion dollar international company.  Her responsibilities included recruiting talent, training hundreds of sales professionals, speaking to the masses and coaching high performers through the challenges of leadership.

To build on 15 years of practical experience, Halle completed formal education in the art of Coaching through Coach U and earned a globally recognized certification through the International Coach Federation. 

In her spare time, Halle will binge watch Alaskan reality TV shows, vacation in Traverse City, read, host friends & family for the Indy 500 and take her Boston Terrier, Marco (as in Andretti) on walks.