You Can Do Better

Photo - Bryant Park man.png

“You can do better”

Have you ever had anyone tell you that? 

For me, it was today at Bryant Park in Manhattan. I was looking for a chair to rest and enjoy the park view, sounds of the city & cool breeze blowing through this day that was trying to turn into summer. 

The first open chair I found needed serious examining. A little wooden plank was broken and the flat end of a nail stuck up. I bent down to inspect further, brushing off some of the rainwater and glanced around to see if another option was readily available. This sharply dressed gentleman caught my eye & pointed to the open chair next to him. I thought he was waiting for a friend, but a Midwest girl getting acclimated to NYC can make some incorrect assumptions. As I approached to grab my new, more secure seating option he says only, "You can do better".  My outward actions were quick as I continued relocating the chair, but internally my world came to a screeching halt. 

Are we just talking about a chair here?

This trip to New York City wakes me up to the “better” I want for myself.  Its mind-altering walking about to the soundtrack of a dozen languages mixed with the heartbeat of high impact suits & careers.  I’ve met new friends with a style of living that challenges my “normal”.  Luxury is in my face, decadent living seems so close and yet poverty grabs the adjacent seat on the subway showing evidence that the city is not always kind.  We have so many choices, yet we don’t often realize the choices we have.

In New York City, my senses are shocked and my imagination is being stoked by what’s possible when the perception of my life is rocked.  Is it scary you ask? What’s more scary, I believe, is NEVER rocking the status quo to see what else can surface.  Do you create those opportunities for yourself?  Has it been awhile? 

Action follows thought, so a journey to a new outcome begins on the road to new thinking.  How do you incorporate new thoughts into your work or personal life?  Is it intentional or accidental?  Strategic or haphazard?  How can you do better at the job you’re working or the life you’re living?

As a Coach, I get to see first-hand the vitality clients experience when a new thought takes center stage.  The increased clarity is both captivating and empowering!  It brings about energy to make necessary changes that result in a new trajectory.

What could surface if you had a Coach encouraging possibilities about your future? Someone asking powerful questions to help illuminate those “blind spots” that you don’t even see? If you’re even sort of curious, let’s have a conversation. Don’t worry, it’s no charge! Just head on over to the "contact" page and request your complimentary coaching consultation. I’d love to hear your frustrations, desires and how you would like to do better in work or life.

As I reflect on the man’s comment, my real answer is, I want to do better by up-leveling my LIFE! I’m in the process of that already and his words provided the Morgan Freeman-like voiceover to this journey.  Little things like ditching the shoes with the holes and fixing the stain on my ceiling.  And no longer dreaming about, but actually working towards the addition I want on my house…yep, let’s move it into the planning phases & have some strategic information gathering conversations.  Ok, that gets me pumped!  Oh, and a vacation!  To one of those exotic places with the little huts that seem to float on the ocean…how can I make that happen?  Whether big or small, it’s time to take those “dreams” and get them into action.  

You know what sir, you're right, I can do better…thank you for the power of your words today!

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