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Halle Simpson smiling and laughing at the camera with her hand in her pocket

Transformational coaching for business owners and leaders

To accelerate impact while honoring balance

Why coaching?

Our clients are business owners and leaders who are accustomed to success. They are brilliant self-starters, have big dreams, and appear to have it “all figured out.”


Yet, all leaders go through seasons of feeling stuck, uninspired, or overwhelmed. When these times hit, it feels unfamiliar, drains energy, and destroys confidence. And when the usual methods to get things back on track aren’t working, it’s time to call on outside help.


We have a track record of leveraging client’s self-awareness to ignite parts of themselves they can’t access on their own. Together we remove blind spots, awaken courage, reframe mindsets, clarify paths, and create a truth-telling space. All this is in support of sustainable transformation.

Halle Simpon smiling at camera while writing in her journal
Halle Simpson typing on her laptop

If you're focused on your actions or environment to make sustainable change, you're not looking deep enough.

As an owner of a small business with 10 employees, I was allowing myself to be pulled in a thousand directions. Halle was instrumental in reminding me of the “why” I own a business and returning me to my core values. The “how” to get back on track was easily discernible after our efforts. Halle worked me through a thoughtful and methodical approach which resulted in empowering me to change my thinking and by extension, my actions.


President, Fairchild Renovations

I’ve worked with Halle for over three years, and I have grown as a leader, my employees are motivated, and our overall culture is very positive. Halle is patient, relatable, encouraging, and truly gifted at coaching.

- Julie

Non-Profit Executive Director

As a busy mom of four and a business owner, I have never been realistic about what I could actually accomplish in a day. I was exhausted, burnt out and constantly dealing with high anxiety. Halle introduced me to the concept of growing by actually slowing down, which I never imagined possible. What I wanted out of coaching was to find peace, yet still get it all done and Halle delivered.

- Michelle

Financial Advisor

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