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Halle Simpson talking on the phone and working on her laptop

1:1 Coaching for Business Owners

Running a business is a time-consuming balancing act that requires the leader to be at the top of their game. When everything rests on your shoulders, it can be challenging to solve day-to-day problems, facilitate leadership growth, design a work-life balance, outline strategic planning, and execute both a personal and business vision. Working with a coach provides a confidential and objective space to be honest about what is and isn’t working, overcome challenges and find leverage for sustainable change that impacts business, life, and leadership.

1:1 Coaching for Business Owners
1:1 Executive Coaching

1:1 Executive Coaching

There are times in leadership where we need to improve beyond reading a book or hearing an inspiring speaker. This kind of transformational work begins deep within yourself. In coaching, you’ll meet yourself in a way you never have and leverage your own brilliance to find clarity, define direction and remove obstacles to your success. These conversations will both challenge you and be the thing you look forward to all week.

Halle Simpson talking on her phone
Halle Simpson speaking at an event


Whether it’s a group of 5 or 500, Halle engages her audience with an approachable and authentic energy. She believes in a balance of evoking self-awareness and providing tangible tools that can be immediately useful to audiences. Halle is frequently invited back to organizations for keynotes, workshops and virtual trainings.


1:1 Coaching Retreats

Because leaders need a timeout too!


This 2-day private coaching retreat, we call it a "TIMEOUT", plucks you out of the distractions of work and life and lands you in the resort town of Traverse City, Michigan. With the guidance of a coach, this coveted time will reconnect you with what’s important, offer clarity to the path ahead, and catapult you to new heights.

Woman walking on the beach at sunset
1:1 Retreats
Halle Simpson training a group of women

Group Leadership Cohort

Wish you had the time to give your team the skills to be successful in leadership?

This 6-month cohort will equip current and emerging leaders with subject matter that’s essential for success as a leader. The two-part Leadership Essentials Academy includes training on leadership principles in a virtual group setting, and support applying the curriculum to their unique experiences through monthly 1:1 coaching.

Group Leadership Cohort

Dan Killinger, Owner Intelligent Living Solutions

Halle and her team have been instrumental in our explosive growth.


Starting 5+ years ago…I just went along with wherever the business pulled me. Halle and her team brought clarity and direction to my business by working through whatever issues appeared throughout our growth.


Today my leadership team is well-rounded and grows exponentially in their personal and business achievements. What I could not teach them on my own, due to lack of knowledge and time, Halle’s team does better than I ever could.


We recently enrolled our next group of leaders in a 6-month class to gain skills to grow within and outside of our organization. We have already seen the fruits of this endeavor and are excited to see the potential unleashed in our next group of leaders.


I see coaching as a continuous investment I will make for my staff, whatever the price.

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