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Practicing what I preach - sigh

At the beginning of this year, I made the decision to take a 6-month hiatus from alcohol. I’ve run across the term “sober curious”, and it aligns nicely with this journey. There were many contributing factors to that choice, yet mostly the desire to become aware of and remove self-imposed obstacles to my fulfillment and success. It felt like an invitation to get hit by a Mack truck…preferably at a slow pace. 

In these last 4.5 months, my morning journal time with my Know Thyself Journal has been as rich as it has ever been. And something I saw through a new light are the areas where I’m playing small. You have them, I have them and we don’t often like to look at them, am I right? 

My presence, or lack thereof, on social media was one. I watched others be brave, be imperfect, and use this free tool to grow their businesses…some to mega proportions. All the while I was hiding behind this belief that, “I didn’t know what I was doing”, “It seemed like too much pressure”, “My brain doesn’t work that way”. Ugh! That’s sickening to admit. 

And what I finally came to terms with is, as long as I believed these things, it would define my relationship with social media and reinforce me playing small. 

I help others reframe their beliefs all the dang time, and it was evident I could use a serious dose of that myself. I landed on more positive statements that support moving into this new territory like, “I’m experimenting”, “I’m using Instagram (IG) as a tool to connect with new people”, “I’m having fun and learning along the way”. 

This feels so much more freeing (a core value of mine) and gives me space to fail forward and learn. 

So, I’m inviting you to take our relationship to the next level and join me over on Insta. If we’re not already connected there, go to my account and click “follow”. If you’re feeling extra saucy, add me to your favorites. 

What’s the content you ask…truth be told, I’m not exactly sure since this is all an experiment. My aim is to equip you with ways to more authentically connect with yourself, be a better leader, better navigate your life, set (and enforce) better boundaries, decrease stress, step into new areas of the unknown and for you business owners, feel supported in all the head games that accompany your role.    

And since giveaways seem to be a thing, I’ll be doing a drawing to give away a few Know Thyself Journals to three new people who begin following me on IG by the end of business day this Friday, May 17th. If you’re chosen, I’ll send you a DM to grab your mailing address. 

Thanks for being such a loyal and supportive part of the work I love doing! 

Until next time, 


Plus a few other links of interest:


1. TIMEOUT, a 2-day private coaching retreat! Travel to the resort town of Traverse City, Michigan for an escape from distractions to clearly think, regroup, prioritize, and plan. 


2. Could your team benefit from upgrading their leadership? Inquire about Leadership Essentials Academy, a 6-month leadership training & coaching cohort for new and emerging leaders.


3.  Time for a new journal? Pick up a new copy of my Know Thyself Journal for daily support towards your most important intentions for the next 90 days.


4.  Are you into individual assessments? Here is a link to take a free Core Values Assessment (CVI). It only takes 10 minutes and measures your innate, unchanging nature. Take it yourself and feel free to forward it to a friend, too. 


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