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What are your 2024 halftime stats?

Here we are, the halfway point of 2024. Yikes, did that sneak up on you, too?

Do you know your halftime stats for 2024? In sports, halftime is a critical moment. It’s a chance to breathe, regroup, and tweak the strategy in order to execute the goal. If you haven’t done that for this year yet, I encourage you to take a little time this week to consider the following:

Reflect on Your Progress

I once had a client say, “It’s hard to recognize progress when you’re in the middle of a journey.” The reason is, we’re usually so hard on ourselves about what we haven’t accomplished that we don’t stop to focus on the progress we have made. Acknowledge the positive steps forward because knowing the facts will be more helpful than whatever story you’re telling yourself. Also, what you focus on grows.

Evaluate Your Goals

Review the goals you set at the beginning of the year. Do you remember what they are? Are they still relevant? Have priorities shifted? Assess each goal critically to ensure it aligns with your current aspirations and business landscape. If certain goals are no longer relevant, don't hesitate to change them! New opportunities emerge, circumstances can change and you’re allowed to adjust your strategies to stay agile and on a growth trajectory.

Set Clear Goals

As you recalibrate, it’s better to have a few clear goals than a long list of items to check off. A good number is anywhere from 3-6, anything more will divide your energy. Also, “grow revenue” is a generic goal. Make sure your goal is so clearly written that you can answer the question, how will I know I’ve achieved this? Like, “increase revenue by 15% over 2023”.

What Can You Remove

In pursuit of a goal, we typically think about items to add to our “to-do” list. Instead, think about what you can remove from your list. Remove the things that can be delegated, that drain your energy, that aren’t the highest and best use of your time, anything that is busywork or isn’t urgent or important. Reallocating that time and energy to the larger goal is a powerful energy shift. 

Define Lead & Lag Measures

Outline the actionable “lead” measures that move the needle toward your revised goals. A goal is usually a “lag” measure, a metric that you’ll only know you’ve reached after crossing the finish line. For example, annual revenue, percentage growth or new clients added. The “lead” measure is daily or weekly trackable activity that predicts the “lag” measure, such as number of new leads, expenses cut or reservations booked. 

Chunk It Down

Where do you want to be at the end of July or quarter 3? When you chunk the larger goal down into smaller milestones, it helps to maintain momentum, track progress, and make the metaphorical elephant easier to eat. 

Create Accountability

Share the goals with your team, your spouse, your children or your coach. Anyone who will help you remember what you’re working for and why. Write them on a dry-erase board or in your planner, somewhere you’ll see them daily. And lastly, schedule 15-30 minutes a week in your calendar to look over your progress. It’s easier to make weekly adjustments than wait until the end of the quarter. 

If this is something you need help with, let’s talk! Together, we can build on your successes and chart a course for continued achievement.

Here's to a productive and successful second half of the year! 


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