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Because Life and Leadership Need a TIMEOUT too

Fweeeeetttt! At the sound of the referee’s whistle, the players exit the floor and gather around the coach to regroup.

Whether you were an athlete or not, you know this scene. The game is paused to give the team a breather, a new strategy or a better understanding of where the opponent is getting the better of them.

In sports, some timeouts are planned, they’re strategic, to draw up a play or make a key substitution. Other times they’re abrupt and taken when the momentum swings in an unfavorable direction and needs to be stopped.

During a timeout, the game clock stops advancing, and the momentum of the game is broken. Just for a brief moment, it’s a break in the action.

The players walk back onto the court, ready to re-engage their opponent with new information, hydration, and a plan.

Why doesn’t life give us the same opportunity?

Is there a rulebook somewhere that forgot to write these into life? Because life and leadership need timeouts too.

What I’m talking about is something more than a mental health day or a vacation with the family. I'm talking about a pause, with the purpose of re-evaluating work, life, and goals. It doesn’t even need to be around a birthday or the New Year or anything else that might make sense on the calendar.

Just an abrupt and momentary tapping out to reset, recalibrate, and regain energy. To have access to the space and intention that a coach can create. Where you get to emerge with a clearer mind, inspiring goals, and a more aligned understanding of yourself.

If you could hold your hands in the accustomed fashion and signal a timeout on leadership or on life, what would you want that experience to be like? What would make the timeout worth it?

I’ve done these a number of times for myself. Sometimes with a team and other times, by myself. But never with a coach. It makes me wonder, how powerfully could I have accelerated my thinking and my intention if I had.

One of my coaching services is a highly curated, private 2-day coaching retreat in the beautiful resort town of Traverse City, MI. The time spent will accelerate transformation, clarify a plan and massively increase your self-awareness.

Interested? Let's talk.

Make it a great day!






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