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From the master himself

My last email about breaking up with discipline and exchanging it for dedication resulted in SO MANY comments in my inbox! Thank you for the feedback and letting me know how deeply it resonated with you. (If you missed it, click here to read.)

That was an example of how making a small shift in thinking can yield a huge difference in commitment to change. 

To build upon this concept, I’m sharing this 20-minute video of a podcast between Jay Shetty & Dr. Joe Dispensa. I stumbled across it while doing research for a women’s cohort I’m currently running and WARNING, it’s a little like drinking from a firehose because it is chock full of concepts about how the brain works. 

So, only watch if you’re interested in understanding some key principles you can use to experience transformation in your life, in your leadership, or in business. 

I’ll go so far as to suggest you watch it multiple times. Because it’s that good! 

Oh, and please send me your thoughts after watching! 

Plus a few other links of interest:


1. TIMEOUT, a 2-day private coaching retreat! Travel to the resort town of Traverse City, Michigan for an escape from distractions to clearly think, regroup, prioritize, and plan. 


2. Could your team benefit from upgrading their leadership? Inquire about Leadership Essentials Academy, a 6-month leadership training & coaching cohort for new and emerging leaders.


3.  Time for a new journal? Pick up a new copy of my Know Thyself Journal for daily support towards your most important intentions for the next 90 days.


4.  Are you into individual assessments? Here is a link to take a free Core Values Assessment (CVI). It only takes 10 minutes and measures your innate, unchanging nature. Take it yourself and feel free to forward it to a friend, too. 


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